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Privacy Statement/Ownership

At Smith Candy, we want to better serve the needs of our customers. We may ask you to complete a brief survey or provide information that will help us address your comments or concerns.

If you provide us with your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address, we will endeavor to keep such information confidential, and it will not be sold or rented. Children should obtain the permission of their parents before submitting information.

However, any company or product ideas or comments posted or submitted to Smith Candy via this site become the sole property of Smith Candy. We have the authority to reproduce it, disclose it, transmit it, publish it, or post it someplace else.

Smith Candy is the sole owner of and has the right to use, without any liability whatsoever, ideas, concepts, or techniques submitted for the purpose of product development, manufacturing, or marketing, including but not limited to product name suggestions.

Trademark & Copyright

Our customers associate the quality of our products with our name, brand names and characters. At Smith Candy, we value the importance of these symbols and want to insure that when you see these symbols you are certain that they represent a product worthy of the Smith Candy name. For this reason, we have certain restrictions governing the use of these names and symbols.

Smith Candy, its logo names and designs, including "Susan Kay Candies", "Wolfe€™s Railroad Stick", "Jesse€™s" Cotton Candy. All Smith Candy brand names are trademarks of Smith Candy and shall not be used by others for any purpose.

All Smith Candy works, including text, images, audio, or video, are protected by copyright. Reproduction, modification, or distribution in any form, and/or any type of performance of any Smith Candy work is strictly forbidden.


We do our best to make sure that the information on this site is accurate. Smith Candy assumes no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions on this site.


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Posting to our site any material that could be considered unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, inflammatory, pornographic, profane, or that law enforcement could consider a criminal offense is strictly forbidden and may result in legal action.


Smith Candy reserves the right to change the content of its site at any time without notice.